nedeľa 19. septembra 2010

Indian day-off

Yesterday I was on a one day trip to the near city called Chandigarh and the day there I consider to be a day-off from my Indian experience. Why? Chandigarh is a city built according to a funcionalist architecture (Le Corbusier) in 50s and is very different to everything else here. There are only straight streets and roads, all the buildings are more or less same and everything is from concrete. Also, as the new city it doesn't have that much of chaos and is not that crowdy as e.g. my city of Jalandhar. Actually, rikshas and local Indians didn't fit at all to the scenery.

Well, I had a very strange feeling while beeing there. As it could have become a friendly city, the lack of resources led to the fact, that it looks like stucked somewhere, sometimes you feel like it is not finished yet. You see cubistic houses built 50 years ago which already look a bit desolated, you see areas meant to be parks but with overgrown grass, etc.

The top of the city is its administrative disctrict, in local terminololgy called Sector 1 - Capital. The Mr. architect made plans for 3 very strange buildings and one gigantic statue - parliament, high court, secretary and Open Hand. It was one of the weirdest sceneries I have ever seen. To have a picture of it, imagine parliament and high court (very interesting buldings themselves) representing 50 million of people and between them a football playground (in the country where only a few people take care of football). The question 'why?' was present every single moment.

Anyway, there is (said to be) the second most visited tourist site in India in Chandigarh - Rock Garden. It only fits to my overal picture of the day - after a day of not seeing anything non-straight I ended up in the wonderfull huge garden (built of waste) with waterfalls, sculptures, palms, palaces and whatever you can imagine else. 

Though weird enough, Chandigarh was definetely worth a visit. Also it is very nice day off from the normal indian day-to-day life, which sometimes can be to chaotic for the person used to calm and ordinary life (-:

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