štvrtok 9. decembra 2010


I am alone in a foreign country. With lots of nice people, locals and foreigners. Though, still alone. It is interesting feeling. To know, that probably not many people think about me among these more than 1.2 billion crowd. Actually, very few know me and certainly fewer care about me. Sounds a bit sad. Agree, but it is interesting feeling, indeed. One can learn a lot about himself.

Also, it is great to think about my friends. You are probably one of them. I do think about you from time to time. Maybe you are one of those I think very often (-:

It is interesting feeling to remember all the people I have met and I consider friends. Also family is included. All of them are far from me, some of them don’t have a clue where I am, some of them know very well that “in India” (-: I am really alone here with no supervision whatsoever.

It is also nice to look at the map. To imagine my friends there. And then laugh where the hell I got (-:

Don’t think I am sad. Actually, I am really enjoying this. Remembering the people without them knowing anything about me. It makes me feel somewhat protected. Weird, I know. Maybe you have experienced the same feeling when you were somewhere alone without anybody else knowing that. Maybe it is just me with such feelings, I don’t mind (-:

Sometimes being alone really helps. Don’t ask me to what. It just helps. If you feel like I think about you then take this as saying hi (-:

5 komentárov:

  1. I am just a lonely loner in the lonely road ... Alone :)

  2. hehe, i kind of forgot where this sentence appeared but remembered it very good (-:

  3. IT Crowd ... dont know the exact episode

  4. sranda, niekedy je človek najviac opustený medzi ľuďmi. Niekedy možno ani do veľkých davov netreba ísť, stačí len doma ostať.