štvrtok 14. októbra 2010

Normal days around Punjab

It's been quite a long time since I wrote last time something (a) in English (b) about the day to day life. I'll do both now. While looking to last articles, it might cause an impression that what I am doing all the time is just travelling, having lots of fun and experiencing the very different and pleasant componants of India. Actually, almost the opposite is truth (-:

In university, not much is happening, literally. I teach some 4 lectures a week and in meantime I am doing whatever I want. As the article about the university was in Slovak, I only state, that apart of the fact that "university" reminds more an average high school anywhere else, there is nothing you can do when the work is over. Sometimes I wonder how the locals can stand it without any social life whatsoever. They can. Though, they are not satisfied either. But not frustrated like I am from time to time, with the other foreigners alike.

Well, so there is very clear cycle in my life here. I am working 6 days a week and then I am going for a one day trip. And this is amazing. Just one story for all. This Saturday I found a place which the Lonely Planet book says is good. So I took bus and travelled there. I arrived at about 11pm which is quite difficult time, especially when the bus drops you at the side of a very dirty road with not much of the civilization signs around. After unsuccessfull attempt to get a riksha driver to drive me somewhere I talked to co-travellers and they advised me to go with them to another city. So I went and in one hour I was already eating very nice dinner made by one's wife - a cooking teacher. Next day I had also guided tour on motorbike. The name of the city was Patiala and it has everything what we understand as common Indian. A lot of chaos and mess and couple of wonderful building - a temple and a palace. Both incredibly big. I really liked the place.

Then I moved to another city - Sirhind and met the same story again, just without the cooking teacher's dinner. A guided tour around the two temples and a lot of help.

One quotation for all at the end: "Do you have some tourists here?" - I asked after an hour walking around amazing sikh temple complex and feeling only non-Punjabi there.
"Yeah, we have many of them. Almost every day one or two arrive"

Pure Punjab. Welcome to India.

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